Dude Habits


Hey Dudes, Rev. Kellyn Delgado here. I've been meaning to get this blog started but I never got around to it. Let's just say, shit happened and I was really undude throughout it. I had lost my way. But I am slowly returning to my Dude path and this blog is basically a chronicle of my journey on the Dude path. I will be slowly bringing more Dude into my life one habit at a time.

This blog is more or less inspired by Leo Babauta's Zen Habits blog. I really love Leo's posts on simplicity and minimalism and I think that Dudeism make a really good compliment to all of this. While a lot of my posts will be original and based on my actual journey in the Dude way, I might have some fun and post Dudeified versions of some of my favorite Zen Habits posts.

Now given that I have a very busy life with a full time job, a part time business, a family, and trying to fit in a writing hobby on a few personal blogs here on Write.as, I can't promise a consistent posting schedule. At the very least, I want to log my 30 day challenges that I want to do to try to get more self care and chillness into my life and the occasional Dudeist musings. So yeah, I guess that about wraps her all up for right now. Feel free to follow this blog over RSS, on the Fediverse @therev@dudehabits.net, or through my email newsletter below. Any comments can be sent to my Mastodon account @revkellyn@social.gattai.net. Hope you enjoy my little Dudely blog here!

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